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Last revised:
January 2012

Common Access to Biological Resources and Information

Our Mission

To provide biological products of quality to the scientific community:
by searching the catalogues of the participating collections either by means of the CABRI Simple search engine that provides a special search by synonyms feature or by means of the revised SRS interface.
by browsing the hypertext, including predefined full indexes by catalogues, genus/species and families.
To provide quality guidelines to ensure our customers the specific technical procedures used
To expand the resources with other centres having acceptable quality standards


Partner collections: BCCM, CABI, CBS, CRBIP, DSMZ, ICLC, NCCB, NCIMB
28 catalogues (more than 100,000 items) covering:
  • animal and human cell lines,
  • bacteria and archaea,
  • fungi and yeasts,
  • plasmids,
  • phages,
  • DNA probes,
  • plant cells and viruses
Information support from the National Cancer Research Institute of Genoa, Italy and CERDIC
Initially co-funded by a grant from DG XII of the Commission of the European Union and now maintained by the partners


Paolo Romano (paolo dot dm dot romano at gmail dot com) - CABRI Web Administrator
Dagmar Fritze (dfr at dsmz.de) - Chair of the CABRI Technical Committee

© The CABRI Consortium 1999-2013.
This work cannot be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written permission of the CABRI consortium.

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