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Last revised:
January 2012

CABRI Mirrors

CABRI is currently available through the CABRI main site and some mirrors.

  Title and Address Manager and Institute
Main CABRI site
Paolo Romano (paolo.romano@istge.it)
National Cancer Research Institute, Genova, IT
Belgian Mirror
François Guissart (guis@belspo.be)
BCCM, Brussel, BE
French Mirror
Louis Jones (lmj@pasteur.fr)
Institut Pasteur, Paris, FR

It is expected that the CABRI Web site will be mirrored at other sites. This will make the CABRI catalogues available to the widest possible audience and ensure that the catalogues are always available (by limiting the possibility of network timeouts and routing difficulties).

The CABRI mirrors must include a copy of the main CABRI site and can include translations of the relevant pages into National languages. The accuracy of the translations is the responsibility of the mirror site, as is the financing of the process and the system. CABRI mirrors may also include local and international materials related to CABRI, such as original papers, and further documentation and help not developed by the main site, especially if these are in the national language. However the final content residing under the CABRI logo must be approved by the CABRI Technical Committee, which can request the removal of such material if they feel it does not fit general CABRI aims and standards.

Mirrors are updated at least once a week and more frequently whenever needed. Mirrors are distributed by virtual hosts whose Internet address is defined within the cabri.org domain and reflects the country of the hosting Institute. Mirror managers are responsible for all the needed updates (both software and data) and the good status of the mirrors.

© The CABRI Consortium 1999-2013.
This work cannot be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written permission of the CABRI consortium.

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